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What is a conversion-focused website?

The days where websites were a simple brochure are long gone. Nowadays a website is one of the most important marketing tools your company has. Conversion-focused websites are planned and built with your marketing and sales needs in mind. Briefly, a conversion-focused website is a website that focuses on conversions. The word ‘conversion’ can mean […]

  Brighter Web Design   19th June 2017   Category: Strategies

Why you should make your website mobile friendly?

Is your business website mobile friendly? A mobile friendly website is able to adjust its layout to display nicely on larger screens like laptops and desktop computers but also on small mobile screens such as tablets and mobile phones. For the past few years, mobile friendly websites are something everybody is talking about. You probably […]

  Brighter Web Design   17th May 2017   Category: Uncategorised

Park Street Furnishing new, mobile-friendly website

When Park Street Furnishing saw that mobile usage has been on the increase, it approached Brighter Web Design about creating a mobile-optimized site. However, maintaining content on two sites would have been inefficient, so we used a responsive web design to build one site which would cover all devices with all their different sizes of […]

  Brighter Web Design   17th January 2017   Category: Case Studies Tags: , , , ,

What’s all the fuss about SEO?

Why your website needs SEO? So, you have a great mobile friendly website and you’re ready for business, but, can your potential customers find your website? Websites like Google and Bing are search engines, they are called so because they are used by people to look for other websites. Someone types what they are after, […]

  Brighter Web Design   10th January 2017   Category: Seo Tags: ,

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